The Truth-Teller in the Family

Scapegoat Child of a Narcissistic Parent; Strategies for Healing! |Shannon Petrovich LCSW

The Scapegoat role seems a lot more common than I thought. Here are some steps to healing:

Find a place where you belong.

Tell people your story. Own it. It’s not right or wrong.

Make goals and a plan for your life.

Be okay being the minority in society. You are special.

Celebrate yourself and your victories, big and small.

Cherish those who care about you. They are special.

Discard those who don’t care about you. They are not special.

Inside the mind of a sadistic pedophile

In the common language terms as paedophilia and paedosexuality are usually mixed up. I want to make a clear distinction: Paedophilia can be considered as a disposition, Paedosexuality clearly means: sexual activity between an adult and a child. Not every paedophile is a paedosexual and very few paedosexuals are paedophiles. Paedophilia comes from the word ‘loving children.’ In fact, caring parents could be considered as paedophiles. They would never do anything to harm their children or the integrity of their children.

Many paedophiles struggle a lifetime fight with themselves to ‘keep their hands to themselves’.

Child Hunters by Carine Hutsebaut

The sadistic criminal generally detests people. Everything is about him, and he does not take into account the needs of others or society.

A sadistic pedophile takes a walk in a neighbourhood park.

He spots a group of young children playing. His behaviour is just like the other adults standing there. He is likely chatty and charming.

But what he sees in those children is profoundly different than what we see, says Dr. Michael Bourke, chief psychologist with the U.S. Marshals Service and an expert in criminal profiling.

Sadistic pedophiles, a category he calls the “top tier” of high-risk child sex offenders, are aroused by inflicting pain and a desire “to humiliate, to degrade, to diminish.”

“These are individuals who are interested in destroying a child’s psyche,” he says. “One offender told me . . . his goal was to take the happiest child on the playground. He selected the child with the most sunshine in her face and in her laugh, and that was the child he selected because that was the child whom he wanted to destroy for the rest of her life.”

“This is an individual who thrives and enjoys destroying human beings,” he says.

“They have characteristics and traits, any one of which would be concerning, but in combination it makes a terrifying formula.”

“The most important thing to understand about serial child molesters and individuals who are pedophilic is that they are tigers who don’t change their stripes,” he says. “This is an enduring, biologically driven predilection. It doesn’t go away.”

“Offenders have told me that they wait for opportunities to be in front of individuals who give them the benefit of the doubt. They look for opportunities to play the system, to manipulate the system in their favour so they can find the holes in the system, they can find the opportunities to go out and do what they love to do.”

That manipulation needs to stop, says Christy Dzikowicz, a director with The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, which supports victims of child exploitation and abuse.

“Something needs to change,” Dzikowicz says. “I think we have to be continuously examining the system that really doesn’t meet the needs of children.”

Inside the mind of a sadistic pedophile By Robert Cribb

I finally understand what motivates my mom.

There are 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit:

  1. Love (Agape) – God’s sacrificial love based out of the will that does what is right regardless of feelings or circumstances.
  2. Joy – an abiding sense of well-being and hope in spite of difficult circumstances.
  3. Peace – an inner sense of tranquility and calmness in spite of circumstances.
  4. Longsuffering – the ability to stay committed in a relationship despite how you feel.
  5. Kindness – Good natured and harmless to others. Respectful of others feelings and the inherent value of each individual.
  6. Goodness – Committed to actively doing what is morally right and in the best interest of others.
  7. Faithfulness – Remaining true and stedfast to my faith in Christ in spite of difficulty or opposition.
  8. Gentleness – An attitude of faith in God concerning relations with others. It is strength under control that can express anger or disagreement but does so in light of God’s sovereign power to change people and circumstances.
  9. Self-control – The ability to restrain my behavior and to live a life of balance.

When my mom is confronted with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, she goes into a psychotic rage.

My mom’s only motive is to destroy fruit of the Holy Spirit and those who carry it. She is poisoned with pride. She is an assassin. She has a murderous spirit. She has blood lust. She loves betrayal. She LOVES gaslighting. She loves watching a good person fall and get destroyed, especially if she’s behind it.

My mom’s goal is to defile and destroy my heart. She wants me to hate her. That’s why my love only makes things worse with her. She hates the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Nothing will draw nonbelievers and believers alike to the Lord than a truly sanctified saint in the Lord who is walking and operating in all 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

If you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to work and transmit all 9 of these fruits up into your personality to some appreciable degree in this life – you will then become a light that will literally radiate the presence of God Himself through your soul and personality.

You have no idea how many people you will be able to save, touch, witness to, and help disciple if you have these fruits operating through you. These fruits will give you a credibility with God and with other people that no degree or title can give you in this life.

This sanctification process is the ultimate, highest aim and goal with God for our lives.

By: Michael Bradley

Absolute Nonsense: Coercive Mind Control

Jordan Peterson is just like my mom. I can tell, but you can’t. I can see how he’s a tyrant at home, his wife is suffocated, his daughter is the golden child, and his son is the scapegoat. Where is his son, anyway? Oh right. No where to be found.

His daughter, however, is idolized for being sick. What a weird thing. Oh right, it’s Munchausen by Proxy. Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a condition where a caregiver or spouse fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems in those who are in their care, with the primary motive of gaining attention or sympathy from others. Peterson’s daughter was diagnosed with severe mental problems at a very young age, like 10-years-old. Lucky Peterson was a psychologist.

No one checked to see if Peterson was inducing or projecting his own issues on to the daughter. Or how the family was doing. But Peterson makes it clear that things were a nightmare.

Anyway, I thought this video was helpful.

Jordan Peterson Is Not Profound, and Here’s Why

Jordan Peterson loves to appear harmless, even weak. This innocent facade is so convincing. What could possibly be his anterior motive? He’s just a professor. He just wants to help people, right?

No. He’s not “just figuring things out” like he says he’s doing every single lecture of his world-wide tours. He’s distracting people. He’s making people fight. And he’s getting people to idolize nothing but fame. Here’s an excerpt:

“Law disciplines possibility”??? Jordan Peterson has no concept for morality. He doesn’t even know what discipline means. It’s all nonsense. He teaches nothing.

By teaching nothing and telling people to deal with themselves, he’s really just pushing people into sin. He tells people to incorporate their dark side. That means start sinning and progressively keep going.

Life is suffering.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is openly bitter, resentful, and weak. Yet, he expects people to deny this. He is a tyrant.

Absolute Nonsense is a form of Coercive Mind Control. It puts you in a trance and your subconscious is more likely to accept whatever is said. Without points, it’s about a mindset. Jordan Peterson’s mindset is dark, dismal. It’s almost like he’s one of those demons who rebelled against God and now he’s just waiting to go to Hell…

Whether you accept his mindset or reject it, listening to it will disturb you. That’s the point. That’s exactly the point. He wants to disturb and upset you. Just like my mom. They’re one in the same. Jezebels.

No Consequences

This is what happens when there are no consequences. Teachers are tormented by children. Given actual nightmares by interactions with them. They live in physical fear. One teacher vomits every Sunday, in anticipation of the work week.

Award winning teacher Kerstin Westcott’s resignation speech in Green Bay School

Now imagine a childhood with a parent who acts like this. It’s not fun, is it? My mom made my childhood an absolute nightmare to the point of wanting to kill myself. But she hid all the pills in the house, so I couldn’t. Not because she cared about me. She didn’t even talk to me. She could just see it in my eyes and didn’t want it to harm her reputation. That’s it.

Now that she’s effectively labeled me mentally ill and self-destructive, she’d LOVE it if I committed suicide. She’s lusts for the day. She fantasizes about it. The role she’d play. How much sympathy she’d get. And the worst part? There’s no way to stop her. People will give her sympathy. They love to think of a mom like that. They don’t want the truth.