Multi-Morbid Narcissism

Theory on Multi-Morbid Narcissism: Their premeditated bullying, harassment, disorderly conduct, morbid projections, and passive-aggression has deadly or homicidal intent. They are frequently plagued by homicidal greed, jealousy, and envy. They use premeditated invalidations, micro-inequities, and micro-aggressions to cause permanent and long-term harm in others. Premeditated lying by design is used to cause long-term or permanent damage. They are addicted to provoking worry in others. They have clone-like thought distortions, paranoia, obsessions, verbalizations, misconduct, and micro-expressions. Because they often have compounded paranoid delusions they frequently speak in secretive mysterious stilted cryptic code ways. They are able to detect each other, bond, and understand each other’s secretive cryptic pedantic quadruple-speak, body language, and micro-expressions.

They occasionally have a homicidal, deadly, savage, cannibalistic, or violent look in their eyes. They secretly admire totalitarians, serial killers, mobsters, and charming sociopaths at work and in the family. They secretly condone institutional oppression, discrimination, and other forms of abuse of power in which they will downplay. They fantasize and obsess about their target committing suicide, being violently injured, being murdered, being homeless, or being incarcerated. Their premeditated micro-abuses, scams, slander campaigns, harassment, menacing, and stalking is a psychotic obsessive compulsion that they hide behind several conventional social masks. They have bouts of intense paranoia in which they believe good people are catching onto them and may seek justice which leads them to premeditate attacks and ambushes against truth seekers. They have ongoing psychotic cognitive dissonance that fuels their irritation, impulsiveness, recklessness, rage, and paranoia in which they simultaneously see themselves as an omniscient God and a worthless deformed slob. Pressured circular ramblings falsely labeled as good communication and believing they are entitled to possess the minds of others are examples of their ongoing delusions.

They are obsessed to the point of irritation regarding keeping up appearances which makes others trust them even more. They have pernicious delusions of grandeur cleverly disguised as tough love, parenting, teaching, coaching, management, or supervision. Psychotic and circular decoy strawman argumentation is used to sabotage victims ability to trust self and others, to test reality, and to think critically. They frequently horde ill-will, grudges, and invasive information about others. They are tribal and premeditate campaigns of mobbing harassment. They develop compounded psychotic inferiority complexes and grudges throughout their life. They have psychotic obsessions about childhood and frequently desire to be a child again. They frequently dissociate into a regressed cognitive dissonant state and are irritated that they cannot be a child again. They engage in depressing and hypocritical pouting, moping, and sulking that reveals more about the skeletons in their closet.

They thrive off negative attention. Personality disorders and psychosis compound over their lifespan but are disguised and redefined as eccentricity, savant level intelligence, or high level maturity. Delusional level denial, reaction formation, and selective attention is common. Psychotic obsessions and delusions are difficult to detect by healthy mature people because they are disguised as ambition, stamina, hard work, and savant level intelligence. They have encyclopedic photographic memory and use that to make others believe they are much wiser than they really are. They will feign senility, victimhood, and forgetfulness to avoid responsibility, culpability, exposure, and punishment. They fail to understand that wrong actions will backfire in their face. Conniving method acting is used regularly to exploit and manipulate others. The multi-variable calculus of socialized psychopathy is so convoluted that it is regularly mutating like cancer and regularly goes undetected until it has already caused an aftermath of permanent damage. 

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