The term eunuch (/ˈjuːnək/) generally refers to a man, typically from antiquity, who had been castrated in order to serve a specific social function. 


Jezebel makes eunuchs and surrounds herself with them. They are her associates, family, and friends. They are also her ex-associates, ex-family, and ex-friends. They simply don’t stand up to her. 

How does Jezebel make Eunuchs?

  1. Develops a soul tie with victims by probing for information.
  2. Attaches itself to open hurts and wounds of fears and insecurities in victims.
  3. Jezebel draws victims to herself, doesn’t point them to Jesus as their source of strength. 
  4. Jezebel will use what you are emotionally sensitive to as a weapon to control you.
  5. Jezebel makes you codependent on her for strength. 
  6. Jezebel teaches by usurping spiritual authority from God.

Jezebel does six things to get people to castrate themselves: 1) Entice, 2) Harass, 3) Defile, 4) Torment, 5) Isolate, and 6) Make weak or sick.

  1. Eunuchs have no inner strength. They draw their strength from Jezebel.
  2. Eunuchs are Jezebel’s guards. They tend to guard anyone with a Jezebel spirit.
  3. Eunuchs will always protect the peace of Jezebel.
  4. Eunuchs have misplaced loyalty. They submit to Jezebel but not to God.
  5. Eunuchs seek Jezebel’s permission and approval for everything.
  6. Eunuchs make things hard and difficult to do.