"I am unseen, unheard, and unwanted."

“How do you live in a body that fights to survive and a mind that tries to die?”

Trapped in the misery of my life, lost in the sorrow of my soul, unable to see the light, unable to see the dawn, to feel, to hope, to dream. And I found the darkest days of my life kept coming. The blackest nights of my soul never stopped. It seemed like it was always nighttime and nightmares and never morning. It made me wonder why, but mostly you try not to think about it and try to get by and try to survive. And all the other stuff seems so much like nothing compared to wanting just the most important things back again.

What happens when those you need the most threaten your very existence?

This my past, my history, is not my fault. It’s not because of me. It doesn’t have to be what defines my future. I am lovable. I am worthy of care. And that glimmer of light, it makes all the difference. The glimmers of light give me hope that, someday, my summer will come.

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