Time to Ruin Christmas!

The Christmas Question: Full Documentary
  • Christmas came before Jesus. It’s sun worship.
  • The focus on lights is about the darkness of winter.
  • Red is the god Saturnalia’s color.
  • Green is for the pine tree and unique plants that stay alive during winter – it’s to worship those plants.
  • Mistletoe is a parasite that grows off trees, which “makes it magical” to the ancients. The Druids worshipped it and used it for fertility rituals. The berries actually represented the male genitalia with semen inside.
  • The pagans would practice what’s called “The World Upside-down.” During this period, teachers would follow orders from students, students would give them assignments. During this time, masters would serve their slaves at the table and slaves would give them orders.
  • They had “The Feast of Fools,” where they would take the fools and parade them around like they were kings.

This is The Secret: the notion that you can act like something is happening to make it happen.

  • Jesus was actually born around late September/ early October.
  • The “birth” of the sun was being celebrated by 200 A.D. So that concept came before Christmas.
  • Then there was an effort to unite the pagan religions with a holiday.
  • Heretics said Jesus was just a spirit, so Christians started emphasizing the birth with the nativity.
  • The Evergreen tree was celebrated for staying alive during the winter.
  • In Germany, they started bringing in the tree in the 1500s.
  • The true association of the Christmas tree comes from Germany, where they would conduct these “paradise plays” during the Christmas season, in which it was very popular to have the tree in the Garden of Eden. And they would represent the first sin, when Adam and Eve fell. The focal point of that play would be a pine tree – representing the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  • Christmas ornaments originally were symbolizing the animal and human sacrifices hanging on the tree.
  • The Christian Reformation was “dead set against the cult of saints,” and especially the Catholic Church.
  • In England, no children got gifts – for centuries. There was no magical gift giver. But other countries came up with concepts, like the Christ child bringing gifts.
  • In really traditional areas, they would ban Christmas with signs like this:
  • Christmas turned into a New Years celebration of debauchery.
  • Christmas was once illegal in America.
  • Christmas was outlawed in England in the 1600s.
  • This became a problem to enforce because of the gangs – who liked to celebrate it and took it over.
  • So, they tried to appropriate Christmas for children and bring it inside – to make it more domestic. To do that, they brought back Saint Nicolas.
  • Santa Claus is a “bastardization” of Saint Nicolas and a representation of the pagan god Odin. Both rode a horse, and Odin was uniquely known for being old.
  • Odin was known for coming down on his eight-legged horse, and the people would leave their shoes out with treats in them for the horse. Odin, as a ‘thanks,’ would put treats in the shoes for them.
  • Christmas is a pagan ceremony, through and through.

Jesus gave us eternal life in Heaven, and we celebrate Christmas by pretending He didn’t. “It’s the most wonderful time of year,” to be in the flesh. And we exchange gifts of the flesh.

The celebration of Christmas is a big fuck you to God, where we give each other gifts of the flesh to “celebrate” the gift of the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ. And we call it the Holiday Spirit. Not the Holy Spirit, the Holiday Spirit.

To make a mockery of God, you make us, created in His image, look stupid and weak. How can we not stand up for this distinction? The Holiday Spirit? What is that?

Children are encouraged to make long, greedy lists for Santa. Santa is the one who judges them as bad or good, who knows all. They get coal or gifts to reflect this judgment.

What Jesus did on the cross can’t intervene with this process, or it wouldn’t make any sense. So, it’s a day we pretend Jesus didn’t exist, or at least he didn’t die for our sins. Because believing in Him already means we’re forgiven.

So Jesus died for our sins and we celebrate by letting a magical fat man judge us. In other words, we celebrate by pretending there’s no God and no Jesus. Because we are lovers of pleasure, not lovers of the truth.

How do you curse God? In Job, God was challenged to find a person who would not curse Him. He found Job. Job went through so much suffering, he begged for death, but he did not curse God. Why not? Because he knew eternity waited for him, and he trusted God.

What does it mean to curse God? Well, in today’s terms, it’s like saying “fuck you” to God. In the Bible, Jesus told his disciples to dust off their shoes and leave if people wouldn’t listen to them. This is like saying “fuck you” in the Middle East, even today, and probably worse. It’s especially crude.

To curse is to forsake or renounce, reject. It’s a haughty form of ill will.

Are we really grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus if we ‘celebrate’ it by giving each other gifts?

Do we really honor Him by pretending Santa is real?

Do we really want Jesus to return if we’re looking forward to Christmas?

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