bending truth | how adults get indoctrinated

Wow. Minute 15 talks about my mom. All she does is try to indoctrinate me into her cult.

1. Insist they are unstable, depressed, nervous, overly critical.

2. Learn about their life, disappointments, and frustrations to validate this.

3. Waste their time.

4. Only relieve them (with your absence) when they agree with you on some level.

5. Come back for more chipping away at their self identity and will.

6. Induce trance states with meaningless activities.

7. Force them to declare the opposite of what they feel and think.

8. Goad them with insults and mocking to make them disconnect from provocation.

9. Establish the group as the only authority of the group.

10. Force them to repeatedly confront past traumas to nullify all reactions.

11. Exhaust them with discussion and interview questions until they stop having anything but superficial conversations with others.

12. “Freedom” is only for those who remain uncritical of the group.

13. Attack their reality with crazier stories and greater manipulations.

14. Use counseling sessions to exploit contradictions.

15. The Scapegoat is evil, even when she appears good.

16. The group is elite, and those who don’t get it are inferior.

17. Any protest or punishment for our behavior is persecution.

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