My mom forces her prey into hiding.

I have no social media because of her. I don’t even get to network on LinkedIn. She gets to tell people we have a relationship and I’ve gone “missing.” We’ve never had a relationship. She’s a MONSTER. Yet, she acts so nice. Harmless even. She’s sick. Disturbed. Malevolent. Evil.

My mom is a predator: all she cares about is getting away with her abuse.

Predators look for something that, in that moment – and it doesn’t even mean in a large scale – that the child needs something and steps in and offers it.

Jennifer Dritt, Executive Director, Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

My mom is OBSESSED with denigrating me. This always starts with her acting so kind and loving. But it always crosses boundaries, and she knows I can’t say anything or she will just make it worse. Contact with her is miserable. That’s the point. She is a living, breathing nightmare.

Love-bombing done by a predator is evil.

Lauren’s Kids – Intimate Crimes

I had all the signs of abuse growing up. My family knew, and many teachers knew. But no one stopped her. No one wanted to deal with her.

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