Concealing Abuse: High-control groups and malignant individuals

Malignant individuals can ONLY lead high-control groups or relationships. Otherwise, they’d be held accountable. How do you think they became malignant? No accountability, dummy.

Malignant individuals are definitely going to Hell, but why do we let them hide in our groups? God didn’t make us cowards. He tells us NOT to be fearful and to be wise as serpants. Yet, so many are fooled by nonsense policies and principles. If they didn’t come from God, where did they come from? And why would we ever let them dominate us?

In high-control groups, the malignant individuals are beyond reproach. The believers must believe that they always mean well or “love you.” Non-believers are thrown out of the group.

concealing abuse

My mom actually sent me this video to report on my aunt’s membership in the Jehovah’s Witnesses to misdirect: use my aunt as a scapegoat. My mom sees herself as a hero for exposing them. She sends links to people and condemns them for the practice of “shunning.” She condemns both the group and my aunt for being a member. In other words, she is shunning them. As a member, my aunt is a hostage in the group – for fear of their shunning. Yet, my mom shuns her for being a member. This is a great way to tell my mom is lying. She has no care or concern for her sister or anyone else involved – duh.

Methods for Concealing Abuse:

My mom conceals her own abuse using every single method above. Her big misdirection is from the fact that she’s a malignant individual with her own high-control group: my family. My childhood was “hell on earth,” just like the cult survivor in the video described. I barely remember it. My family is a cult:

  • Denial of reality
  • Evidence is destroyed or hidden
  • Forced Confessions
  • No challenging or criticizing the leadership
  • Non-believers are condemned and demonized
  • Reluctant members are seen as evil
  • Scapegoating children
  • Shunning
  • Teach that it’s fine to deceive in certain circumstances
  • Testing loyalty
  • Thought crime
  • Unacceptable feelings: anger, disapproval, etc.
  • Values public image over the welfare of their members

Most of all: “Don’t tell anyone you were abused.”

I’ve always been the family scapegoat. I know this. They know this. I just never knew how evil it was.

You don’t need two witnesses to love the truth. I love the truth, and now I have the truth, so my family is shunning me. They’ve targeted me for inhumane treatment since I was born, starting with my mom. The rest of them were pressured into it, for fear of showing any loyalty to me, but now they enjoy it. It satisfies their desire to feel righteous in their superior role when I consent to this behavior.

It’s devastating to realize that your family hates and resents your existence. I’ve been alienated by my mom. She believes she can control my self-worth. She sees herself as god.

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