Oh dear. No mention of my 15 year estrangement or the restraining order. Now, she’s telling my ex-boyfriend of 4 years who intentionally never met her that they all lost contact with me. Interesting. So, they are stalking me as a team.
“I will never give up on you.” (You are failing and no one wants anything to do with you.)
How many times has she asked me to tell her where I’m living? A dozen?
She told him she was worried about me harming myself on July 27, 2018 as well. Could this possibly be just a ploy? Could she actually have no care for me but to want to see me suicide? Makes sense, since I was suicidal at 14 and had to go on anti-depressants. No one has ever said a word about that. But now that life is amazing without her (I went off anti-depressants at age 19 or 20) she’s saying I’m suicidal. Evil always has it backwards. I LOVE life without her.
I don’t think my cruel narcissistic sister has ever reached out to me. And my brother clearly only has contempt, hatred, and resentment for me.
My mom shared all 90 of her photos with me, including one of this stranger, so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy. Hello, stranger.
“Our beautiful girl.” Creepy.